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Mobil Super 3000 P 0W-20

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Neueste Freigabe PSA B 71 2010 für Peugeot.

Mobil Super 3000 P

Introducing Mobil Super 3000 Formula P 0W-20 Mobil Super 3000 Formula P 0W-20 is a new generation low ash–low viscosity engine oil formulated for the specific needs of Stellantis/ PSA most recent gasoline, diesel and hybrid vehicles. This high protection and fully synthetic engine oil holds PSA B71 2010 approval. Mobil Super 3000 Formula P 0W-20 Mobil Super 3000 Formula P 0W-20 is the latest addition to our Mobil Super family and is engineered to deliver outstanding protection. It is formulated for modern high efficiency gasoline, diesel and hybrid cars from Peugeot, Citroën, DS, and Opel (Vauxhall in the UK). This oil is designed in particular for PSA DV5R and EB2DT engines with BlueHDi or PureTech technologies. Mobil Super 3000 Formula P 0W-20 is not appropriate for prior generation engines designed to operate with higher viscosity engine oils. Owner’s manual should be consulted for recommended viscosity grade and specification. BENEFITS Mobil Super 3000 Formula P 0W-20 is designed to help: - Modern gasoline, diesel and hybrid engines for fuel economy - Protect emission after-treatment systems from poisoning and clogging for long-life effectiveness (oil formula has reduced phosphorus, sulfur and metals (ash)) - Protect engines from deposits and sludge build-up for effective engine cooling and lubrication - Preserve long engine life thanks to rapid start-up and effective protection of engines equipped with stop-start technology, even at cold temperatures Meets the requirements of: ACEA C5 Approvals: PSA B71 2010 Article codes Material 157515 157516 157517 157518 157519 157520 157521 157522 157528 Description M-SUP3000 F-P 0W-20 12x1L M-SUP3000 F-P 0W-20 4x4L M-SUP3000 F-P 0W-20 4x5L M-SUP3000 F-P 0W-20 PAIL 20L M-SUP3000 F-P 0W-20 KEG 60L M-SUP3000 F-P 0W-20 DRUM-M 208L M-SUP3000 F-P 0W-20 M-SUP3000 F-P 0W-20 BAG-IN-BOX-20L M-SUP3000 F-P 0W-20 IBC-PL 1000L

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